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Old Saying; Prevention Is Better Than Cure

It’s quite an old saying, so maybe some of you have not heard it before. Anyhow, as the old saying goes; prevention really is better than the cure. And considering what has been going on around you these days, there could never have been a better saying. So it goes too that tick prevention windsor procedures, professionally handled, will have that in mind too. Prevention is better than cure. And when you think about it, it is actually quite true.

Let’s use the current pandemic as a clear example of this sage philosophy. Currently, there really is no cure for what is known as the novel corona virus, otherwise referred to as COVID-19. Also, what many people might be aware of is that ticks could be carrying the virus at any one time. Perhaps not now, but you just never know. It is a case of; never say never. Another old saying? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Nevertheless, now is not the time for complacency. Now is not the time for letting down your guard. People who do that are certain to fall into that trap that is the point of no recovery. While recovery rates are relatively high at this point in time, there is always that chance that a reasonably healthy person of a young age could, overnight, fall gravely ill. And never recover. There is also that unfortunate matter.

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There is no cure. So what better way to avoid catching the virus than practicing the age-old remedy of prevention. This is what professionally run pest control companies do well. If they are experts in their field they might also be the first to let you know that history can repeat itself. Because it has happened before that ticks have carried diseases.